Malaysia Truly Asia Weekly Performance

Malay & Thai

In the ancient days, Malaysia was populated by people who called themselves Malays and who were basically farmers and fishermen. We also have in this country people of Thailand origin and also the original people of our country. These happy and friendly people love music and dancing and you will watch a medley of their colourful and exciting dances


The first foreigners who came to this country were the Indians who came to trade. But they were so impressed by the friendliness of the local people that a lot of them decided to stay back bringing together with them the lovely Indian culture and dances.


In 1611, the first European came to our country and they were the Portuguese and they came as conquerors. They were followed by the Dutch and finally by the British. But we obtained independence from the British in 1957

Chinese & Arabs

Then the Chinese came and followed after that by the Arabs also to trade. They too decided to stay back, further contributing their rich dances and music to the local culture


In 1963, Malaysia was officially formed by the merging together of Peninsular Malaysia with Sabah and Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. With that the cultures of the Malaysian people then became very much richer and colourful with the contribution of Sabah & Sarawak

Fire Sensation

Modern cheerful choreographic with swingy fire blows at the rainforest waterfall by Aseania cultural dancers to brighten up Langkawi nightlife extravaganza

Magic Show

Stage magic by Aseania International Magician encompasses traditional, cultural and modern magic show to extravagant the nightlife

Malaysia Truly Asia

Indeed, with the inflow of all these rich cultures, dances and music, we have indeed become TRULY ASIA